Pride House, 17-19 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5EZ

During the development and prior...

We are excited to be opening another pop-up venue for Pride House this time around. We are taking on a former shop premises and with some amazing support from Glasgow City Council and City Property in Glasgow, the venue is currently being developed. Pride House will be on the walking route from Glasgow Green to George Square and will have the Women's and the Men's Cycling Road Races go right past the front door.  We are also right around the corner from European Championships House on Albion Street.  

Finding a venue for Pride House that is able to meet our needs and be able to host the huge range of events in our packed programme is a challenge.  With huge thanks to activists from Glasgow Disability Alliance for their accessibility audit which helped us to make a decision on the venue, and to City Property and Glasgow City Council for their renovation and toilet installation works, making the venue a usable and hospitable space.  

And as an added bonus, we are right across the road from our good friends and partners Unity Enterprise who hosted Pride House 2016 in the Spoon Cafe. We look forward to working with Unity again this year who will be providing our cafe space.