Big bonanza comedy evening

Saturday, 16th July, 19:00–21:45 Spoon Cafe, 46 Trongate,Glasgow, G1 5ES

Simply the best FREE entertainment that you could expect to find in Glasgow on a Saturday night. Featuring some of the best of Glasgow’s comic talent.

Whitserface are a Glasgow based creative comedy collective who are dripping with comedy riches. The fabulous group will entertain us with a showcase whirlwind of comedy sketch fun and entertainment for you.
There’s more to life than happiness. Susie McCabe’s worst fears are coming true: she’s slowly turning into her parents. She’s transformed from the life and soul of the party to a high maintenance neurotic with a disposition of anguish and despair (and that’s a good day). Susie’s secret talent is being miserable and she’s not afraid to share that gift with you. This show provides a healthy dose of realism washed down with a pint of cynicism about the irritation of everyday life. Susie makes you laugh. She may also make you cry, that’s another talent of hers.
I’ve snapped my banjo string, let’s just talk. Scott Agnew returns with his sequel to 2012’s Tales of The Sauna, moving out the steam room into the living room. The consequences of gay sex going Abigail’s Party. Hailed as a master storyteller, his 2016 offering is a snapshot of hardcore, working-class gay life touching on mental health, sexual health and general misadventure. The former Scottish Comedian of the Year’s language and imagery is bold and brash – the stories deeply personal


Spoon Cafe, 46 Trongate,Glasgow, G1 5ES


Saturday, 16th July, 19:00–21:45

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